Bitcoin tumbler: how to mix digital money?

If you buy Bitcoin on widely distributed centralized exchanges, then when registering, the platform will ask you for all your personal information. The only solution is to use a special service called Bitcoin mixer. It mixes coins so that it is almost impossible to trace their origin.

The purpose of mixing Bitcoins

Transaction information should not be available to anyone other than the sender and recipient. The anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions allows users to make payments without providing personal information. There are several ways to keep cryptocurrency transactions anonymous. One of them is the use of private wallets. Private wallets allow you to hide the user ID and make it untraceable. Another way is to use anonymizers like a crypto mixer, enabling users to move between different addresses that cannot be tracked. The crypto mixer is a powerful tool that keeps users anonymous when buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The service uses advanced technology to ensure maximum security and user anonymity.

Finally, users can use unique products, such as cryptocurrency mixers, to mix their transactions with other transactions and make them untraceable. Among the most popular services, there are:





Basic features of Bitcoin mixers

The speed of mixing coins is determined by the type of cryptocurrency chosen and the total amount of the operation. Most well-established Bitcoin mixers use delayed transaction technology to minimize the likelihood of being traced. Proven tumblers rarely keep transaction logs longer than 72 hours. This approach increases the level of confidentiality of transactions. The address generated directly in the “laundry” is valid for only one day and can only be used to make transfers within the platform. Acceptance of other crypto-currency funds at the same address is generally prohibited. Well-established services today do not ask their customers for any personal data and do not provide for registration.

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